My Views On Health And Its Impact On Our Thoughts, Emotions, And Ideas

1059 Words Nov 13th, 2016 5 Pages
ur health is greatly affected by your thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Your ideology is composed of: your core values, aspects of positive and negative thought, how you behave when you don’t have distractions, how you cope, what you 're grateful for and how you demonstrate kindness, and the things that add meaning to your life. Your core values, while developing over time, help show who you are as a person. Mine includes: freedom, integrity, and enjoyment. I dislike being tied to things indefinitely and never making another choice. I believe strongly in integrity because I enjoy being as ethical as possible, also if the entire world operated without integrity, then it would be a much harder world to live in. One way to look for your values is to examine your thoughts. For this project we had to find three negative thoughts of ours and change them into more positive statements. This activity didn’t work in changing my thoughts directly, but it made me think closely about how I speak to myself. It is especially hard to ignore your thoughts when you aren’t distracted. I spend a lot of time lost in my own thoughts, and when we had to go 24 hours without technology, it just got worse. As two of my classes are online, and several others have work that requires a computer, this was a very difficult assignment. I had to work ahead in my classes to ensure that I wouldn’t fall behind. I spent a lot of time today thinking and reading both textbooks as well as fun books. While we act…

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