Essay on My Views On College Life

862 Words May 12th, 2016 4 Pages
When I graduated high school I had different inferences about college life. I shaped my perception based on what I heard from movies, teachers and other peers who went to college and returned to my high school to tell their innumerable crazy college stories. Before even graduating my friends and I spoke about our detailed planned college experiences. I saw college as one of the biggest steps of my life and therefore wanted to be as prepared for it as I could be. Even though I tried to prepare myself, now that I almost completed my first year of college I am amused at the young me that was trying to prepare for college. Now that I am about to become a sophomore at Fordham University, I derived that there are different similarities and differences in regards to my current views of college life compared to my views during high school. After comparing my expectations with my experiences, I noticed that there is a similarity in my current view of stress during college compared to my high school assumption, yet there was a difference in the way that I viewed parties in regard to the college life. Due to everything that I heard and read during high school, I had an idea of the way my college life was going to be. One view I had during high school about college life was that, academically, the college life is very stressful. Although I did not want to believe that my college life was going to be as stressful, it resulted to be one of the few accurate inferences that I made. While…

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