Managing Stress In High School

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Education is of the utmost importance and is often looked down upon by the younger generation of students in lower levels of education. Unfortunately for most students it is not until they attend a university do they really appreciate all that education has to offer them. The cost of education just continues to get higher for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, which sets them back further in their success upon graduation because of crippling student debt. It is pertinent that students, including myself learn to appreciate the free education that they are offered early on in their academic career. In addition, there needs to be more of an emphasis on learning the skills needed to succeed in college and how to manage the stress of …show more content…
In the beginning of my high school career I worried a lot about my grades and school involvement, whereas, as I got closer to graduation the motivation was lost. I never made managing stress levels because of school a priority and there were many times in which I paid the price for it by having a lack of sleep. Loosing sleep because of school is detrimental to your grades because of your un-ability to produce your best work and perform on exams the following day. However, what did help me manage my stress levels throughout high school was my ability to remain extremely organized through the process, a skill that will continue with me as I transition from a student to a working professional. Throughout my life, expanding my education beyond high school was not even a question, it was an expectation set by my parents to go to college upon graduation, so I always felt the pressure to be admitted to a top …show more content…
As I start to take more classes specific to my desired area of study, I have a rekindled love for learning. Doing well in school has a direct correlation to how you will do in life, and I now have the awareness of why it is necessary to be a competitive student. In classes that require higher level thinking it is absolutely necessary to commit more time and effort into your studies to produce a better quality of work than that of high school. The feeling of needing to perform for my parents is not as illusive and I can now focus on doing well in school for me. I am more motivated than ever to do well in

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