My Top Two Types Of `` Smarts `` Are Self Smart And People Smart.

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1. Multiple Intelligence- Seven Smarts
My top two types of “smarts” are self-smart and people smart. At school, I use both of my smarts, when working in a group I am usually people smart. I understand and interact effectively with others; I also influence the opinions and actions of other people in the group. I am also people smart when I am outside of school, for example, when I am with my friends I love socializing and I form strong positive relationships. However, most of the time I see myself as self-smart this is shown when I do homework, I think through a problem before doing it. Also, when I am with friends or family I tend to be sometimes very sensitive, and I have very strong opinions about things.

2. Personality Type- Colors
Doing both online tests and class tests my most dominant color is orange, however, I still had other colors that almost tied with orange like, blue and green. Orange is my most dominant color because I am a very friendly person once you get to know me, I am optimistic, energetic, outgoing, risk-taker, adventures, mulit-tasker. However, I do have weakness I am very impatient, I always want people to do whatever I want; I talk a lot when I am with people that I know and I get stressed easily. I never thought of myself as orange type personality but when I took the test and read more about it, I started seeing myself more as orange.

3. Learning Style
I am a visual learner and a kinesthetic-body learner. I learn by looking at images, examples,…

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