My Thoughts On My Life Essay

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As the moon graced the earth with its presence late into the 9th of October, 2015, the thoughts, of which field of study in college would best adapt to my desires in life, convoluted my mind. Rather than letting me fall asleep, my insomniac brain persisted and compelled myself to question everything and caused a restless night with plenty of tossing and turning. And so through pondering, two categories rose higher than the rest, implementing two choices of either a business major, or a chemistry major. Similar to most students my age, the ability to stall important matters is a trait that I share, resulting in the agreement that the issue would be best to resolve in the morning. With the confirmation that I was going to negotiate this dispute in the morning, my mind slipped into a lucid state providing a moment to rest my thoughts.
On the following morning, the light from outside penetrated the closed blinds, selecting to reflect upon my face, and the aroma of freshly baked biscuits and gravy leaked through my door frame, breaching my pillow buried nose. The combination of the two jolted my body to its core, giving it the vital surge of energy it required to kick start the day. The thoughts of which major I should pursue, during college, had escaped my mind and was liberated into the world without any thought. Soon vibrations from downstairs, flowed under the doorframe as the sound of my mother calling for me was broadcasted throughout my room. As an always hungry teen, the…

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