Essay on My Thoughts On My Life

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I pace back and forth checking my phone every two I pace back and forth checking my phone every two seconds. My emotions are on all maximum overload. My heart is racing from excitement I can 't really contain it anymore. I 'm finally alone for the weekend. No liv no Maddie no Joey no mom and dad just me. I don 't even really remember where they went I stopped listening after mom told me I would be home Alone. So as soon as I knew I would be alone I got to dialing.
The knock on the door brings me out of my thoughts and makes my cock throb a little. I quickly unlock and open it to see Todd standing there. He rushes inside and I slam the door shut.
“What took you so long” I demand.
“sounds like someone’s been craving Todd” he says biting his lip. I push him against the door and start to attack his lips. It 's been a week since our events at sparf took place and the first time since then have we have hooked up again. I thought having sex was going to calm me down but it has only made me more excited and horny. I 've been thinking about him every day since last week and oh it 's been driving me crazy. How amazing it was. How his dick tasted in my mouth and how good it felt in my ass.
As I make out with him I run my hand inside his shirt up and down his torso. He puts his hands under my ass and picks me up and we both start to make out even harder.
“Where?” He asks between kisses.
“upstairs” I moan. He carries me up the steps as we kiss each other like animals. He starts to…

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