My Sweet Sweet 16 Essay

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Birthdays come and go, however, Sweet sixteen seems to have a more significant meaning then just another year older. It is the age where one truly becomes mature. This theory was never actually proven. I myself never believed it to be true. Up until now, I finally realize how my sweet sixteenth birthday was not just the most memorable, but also the most significant. Waking up to the sound of my alarm clock, it is 9am on a Saturday. Ring! Ring! Ring! The phone begins to irritate. Still half asleep I answered. It was my best friend on the other line, inviting me to the mall with her and another friend. Soon she arrived at my door, picked me up and drove over to another friend’s house. “Go inside and tell Joyce to hurry up,” was all I was …show more content…
Soon after he told me that he was interested in me and that I was someone he can love. Brushed with happiness, I suggested that we should go out. Time passes us by, and I grew bored of him. Didn’t have respect for his “criticisms” on my class difference any longer, I created a pathway. A path that soon gave him away. Soon enough, he couldn’t stand my negativity and decided upon leaving me. I let it happen, not realizing what I’m giving up is more than a friend. Weeks passed by without hearing from him or seeing him, I cried. For I knew, I didn’t realize what I had. Now that he’s gone, I want him back. He brought me my joy and happiness, he wasn’t just someone I grew fond of. He was my first love, also my first lost. I guess it was then that I truly could say that I’ve matured. Was it through age or was it through experience? I’m not sure, but whatever it was that changed me, I am forever grateful. For I’ve changed for the better. Through this, I know that maturity does occur in the heart as well as the mind. And with everyone, at a different time, but from what I know, most people went through it during their 16th year. Thus, I believe that one’s 16th birthday is most significant as well as being most

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