Essay on My Sweet Spot On The Pale Blue Dot

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My Sweet Spot on the Pale Blue Dot At first glance, the word home seems like such a simple four letter word. By definition, it is a house, apartment, or other shelter that is

the usual residence of a person, family, or household. It sounds simple enough, but the word home is far more complex than a dictionary

could possibly describe. Ask anyone you know what is home to them, and instinctively they will conjure up a distant memory from their

past. For many people, it will include how the exterior looks; for me, it is less about the façade, but rather the memories made within that

evoke a feeling of comfort. The comforts that a home can provide is unparalleled anywhere on earth. Sure, you could stay in an

extravagant hotel, or a quaint little bed and breakfast, but it will undoubtedly be missing that special feeling you get at home. Home

provides us with a safe and judgement-free zone to express ourselves, without the fear of backlash from the outside world. When life gets

rough, it is the one place we long to be; it is the place where we can be at peace. It is where we gather with friends and family to celebrate.

The comforts of home cannot be measured in the number of material items we have acquired; it is a special feeling that is at the core of

who we are.

When I think of home, it is simplistic. It is not luxurious, like those seen on TV; there are no maids, groundskeepers, or chefs at my

disposal. It is a modest three-bedroom home on a corner…

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