Essay on My Strengths And Opportunities For Growth As A Leader

881 Words Mar 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
When most people hear the word management, they simultaneously think leadership, but are these two things the same? If you were confronted with the question; are you a manager or a leader, how would you respond? In this paper I will compare and contrast management and leadership, and summarize my strengths and opportunities for growth as a leader. Over the course of my work career, I have been employed by a variety of companies. I have worked under many different types of people, but one thing that the majority have in common is, they are managers not leaders. All of these managers shared similar characteristics in their management style. Management activities consistence of planning, budgeting, organizing and problem solving. Managers practice theses activities through order and consistency, it is demonstrated by controlling and oversee everyday task that employees are asked to complete. They reduce the occurrence of risk by controlling and pushing their employees in the direction that is most beneficial to the organization. There is no room for creativity under management, every activity has rules and a precise set of instructions to follow. Management is more concerned with stability and the short term goal of the company, short term meaning, goals that need to be accomplish here and now, today. Management depends on their authoritative power and their title to instil fear and uncertain in their employees to produce results. To conclude, all this being said managers…

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