My Story Of My Dad Essay example

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My story begins like everyone else, I was born. When my parents got married, they were both young. Mom was 21 and dad was just 19. I was born one year later. Dad was in the Air Force and mom was just that, a stay-at-home mom. I don’t remember much about anything while growing up, just little moments. Mostly to do with my own activities; Playing in the mud, playing with our dog or cat, just basically kids stuff you would expect. Growing up, I was very much an introvert. Unfortunately, it was the result of a traumatic experience at the age of two. My dad was accused by my mom of having an affair (if I understand their story correctly). They got into a huge fight the day my dad had to leave to go overseas to ____. Dad left while they were screaming at each other leaving both mom and me standing in the doorway of the house. I was whaling from all the intense arguing. I can only guess how I must have felt while my dad, my best friend, left me without saying goodbye. From that point on, I was never the same. Before, I could sing a song and hold the melody while mom sang a harmony part; after, nothing. Before, I could talk clear and plain; after, my speech was slurred. All of this at the age of two. By the way, mom and dad stayed together and got over all of it. I, however, didn 't.

I was a ‘one friend at a time guy’, and what friends I did have I was only able to keep for a very short time. What friends I did have I was only able to keep for a very short time. At the most was…

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