My Stance On Advertisement On Children Essay

765 Words Aug 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Before watching the documentary, my stance on advertisement to children were fairly positive. For me as long as the advertisements don’t promote sex, drugs, alcohol, or other inappropriate topics to children, advertising to them seems acceptable. In fact, last semester in one of my advertising classes, I was asked if I would be comfortable to promote McDonald’s Happy Meals to kids, knowing that the kind of food encourage kids to eat unhealthy. At that time, I didn’t feel it was unethical. I felt it was the parents’ responsibility to watch what their children eat and teach them the importance of eating healthy. After this documentary, my stance change. Watching the documentary was as if I took a step back and for the first time clearly see how heavily my childhood was affected by advertisement. I feel deceived. As I grew up, I naturally gain the ability to know what an advertisement is, but it never occurred to me the shows I watched, the characters I loved, the toys I had, and the games I played on the internet with my friends were all marketing tactics. I honestly thought they were created purely to entertain children and trying to teach themes lessons.
Now, I honestly feel so stupid for believing that. Thus, I strongly believe the FTC should firmly regulate against advertising to children under a certain age. Especially, with the growing number of seamlessly embedded native advertising on the internet that are extremely accessible to young children thanks to their Ipads…

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