My Speech On My Life Essay

1043 Words Aug 28th, 2016 null Page
Losing someone dear and close to your heart is never any easy experience to tread through. In May of my junior year, I lost one of the most important people in my life. A man that truly set the definition for hard working, loving, and being supportive. My grandfather possessed all of these qualities and that was why I looked up to him. I never imagined in my wildest nightmare that I would lose someone so early in my life. Having to go to every sport game I participated in to look into the stands and not seeing him sit there or sitting in the church pew in between my grandparents only to look to my right to not see him beside me was some of the hardest moments for me to overcome. No matter where I venture my life, I know that I will always have a piece of my grandfather with me. Imagine sitting in a classroom trying to pay attention to your teacher teaching another monotonous lesson when your brain is off on another plant worrying about how someone was doing. On May 14th, 2015 that was exactly the task I was trying to overcome in the middle of my biology class. I had just been through quite possibly longest night of my life from traveling to Roanoke to sit bedside to the man who had taught me so much about love and putting family first and watch as he was slowly losing his grasp on life. While I was at school, I would often send my dad texts asking for updates on how everything was going. Since my father stayed down there the entire time, I figured he would be the best one…

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