My Speech On My Accomplishments Essays

717 Words Jul 30th, 2016 3 Pages
I find little delight in boasting about my accomplishments, I would rather let my accomplishments speak for themselves, as of course, actions do speak louder than words. This essay however, is about the contrary. Today I hope to address on my shortcomings, and how, in the past few weeks I have aspired a better understanding of them. Keeping my audience emotionally attached to my piece of writing has always been my supreme priority, and in order to attain that gesture, the use of innovative wording is a critical concept that is entitled to be followed. Another special ingredient which a heartwarming script shouldn’t lack is consistency; the necessity to grasp onto the reader’s attention is one thing, but to ensure that the reader bides his/her attention throughout the entire context of the essay is a whole different story. And lastly, the ability of empower the reader to comprehend the tangible message behind the article, in full certitude, is the most vital aspect that a writer needs to endure.
I believe that in order to keep the reader fully immersed into the passage, use of innovative wording is compulsory. That can be achieved by using different fundamental techniques ranging from, grammar, vocabulary, paraphrasing etc. Grammar can come in handy by using its variety of different gadgets, e.g. commas, colons, and conjunctions. If used properly and innovatively, the context of the essay can result to be very eventful and compelling. Vocabulary could be used to not only…

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