Gift Of Health

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Everybody has that special place in their heart for someone they love and deeply care about. For some people, it is relatives and for others it is their closest friend. For myself, that special place in my heart belongs to my mother because she is my biggest inspiration and for Jacob it is his grandfather, because they barely got to know each other before his grandfather died. Gifts come in countless forms, from gratitude towards one another to the most priceless possession.
When I was 10 years old, my parents separated and by the time I turned 14 years old, my mother passed away from stage four cancer. This was tough for me to watch due to her having no quality of life during her last month she was alive. My mother had a special place in her heart for me as a result of myself being her one and only daughter, and so for remembrance of her, my mother gave me a wedding set that included her wedding rings, dress, and beading to go along with the dress. My grandmother, who lived with us during the period of my mother’s sickness, gave the gift to me once everything in my our house was sorted out
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Both of us were given gifts from a relative with a special place in our hearts for remembrance of them once they passed away. This is similar and different in comparison to an article called “The Gift of Health”. This article shows the purpose of gift giving between citizens in Cuba and how they can affect a person deep down. In Cuba, when a patient receives treatment from a doctor, they feel obligated to give an object of gratitude in return. They may decide to make it an anonymous gift to show the true appreciation of the treatment or it may be given personally to intensify a relationship between the patient and doctor. Like Jacob’s grandmother and my grandmother, the doctors expected nothing but thanks and appreciation in return, but would accept anything that was given back and gifts intensified the

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