Essay on My Sister, My Friend, And The Way Of Living

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My mom brought my little sister and me to this country six years ago, thinking that we might have a better life than the one we had in our native country. Even though we were not in a low social status in El Salvador and we always have something descent to eat, we did not go to a lot of places than home, school, and the grocery store; however, we went once a month to the only mall in our city thirty minutes from home to distract our minds from our everyday routines. Nevertheless, I miss my father, my big brother, my friends, and the way of living in El Salvador. After gaining experience in life and working since I was seventeen, I know what I want to do with my life thanks to my mom and her wish and willingness to do of my sister and me a professional.
My mom has been the type of person who is always willing to help people without a second thought. She had a difficult childhood in El Salvador because girls were not always influenced in attending to school even though she had her parents’ support. Before going to school, my mom, aunts, and uncle had to sell at least a dozen of bottles of milk everyday and with that money, my grandparents were able to send them to school. After graduating from high school, my mom went to a nursery school and became a nurse’s assistance. Having given birth to my big brother, she started working at the regional hospital of our city, San Miguel. Ten years after that, my mom gave birth to me and two years later gave birth to my little sister.…

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