My Role Of A Teacher

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I believe the role of a teacher is more than just the facilitator of knowledge, but also the responsibility to mentor responsible and ethical future citizens of Australia. I aspire to be a role model for my students, as my practice and beliefs will inherently shape their cultural understandings. Indigenous students have the right to a high quality education and equal participation and equitability in the classroom. It is my wish that each of my future Indigenous students will be successful and for their learning to be relevant to the Indigenous context. I also wish for my future non-Indigenous students to appreciate and respect Indigenous culture, both locally and nationally.

Vygotsky’s Socio-Cultural theory best aligns with my philosophical
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99). Furthermore, Hogan and Tudge (1999) contend that “variations in the values, beliefs, and practices of different cultural groups are interdependent with differences in the ways in which children’s development proceeds” (p. 41). Therefore, my approach, beliefs and values will inherently affect my students’ understandings of the world around them. It is therefore important that I am a role model for my students, and if I show respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories, cultures and lifeways, this should be replicated in my students. Thus, I believe it is important to practice a culturally competent teaching style, defined by Perso and Haywood (2015) as the “capacity or ability …show more content…
It is my ambition as a teacher help achieve Goal 1: “Promoting equity and excellence” within my school and help my students achieve “understand and acknowledge the value of Indigenous cultures and possess the knowledge, skills and understanding to contribute to, and benefit from, reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians” within Goal 2: “Active and informed citizens” (Ministerial Council for Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs,

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