My Relationship With My Parents

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The relationship I choose for this assignment is with my parents. Our relationship has turned out to be truly uncheerful in some parts of our lives. We tried to do some activity together once in a while, however, it only made us feel better for a while, at least for me. What has happened in the past still haunts me, I’m supposed to move on by now, however, it seems a lot more difficult to me than I thought. My father has lived alongside me for 95% of my life and we haven’t actually fixed our relationship. On the other hand, my step-mother just recently knew me so I don’t expect much, but so far, she does better than my father. Whenever there’s conflict, I tried to avoid it by focusing on my job and education.
When we communicate verbally, I feel like I have consistently communicated in a different language since they don’t understand. That causes me feel like I abide an outlier, even though I am their son. I would prefer my mother since we have common personality, however, she
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I should think about the forthcoming, and forget about the past. For example, I would use cooperative verbal communication whenever time I talk to him, even if he’s not doing the same. Maybe I should clean the house more often to show them I appreciate all the things they try to improve to compose all of us to be delighted. I should manage our relationship by saying “I appreciate the food you cook, but try to not include too much oil, or use a different oil as a result of it, causing me to vomit.” In addition, I need to remember that he was separated from the rest of the family for a very long time due to the war. So I can partially understand being he didn’t have the chance to grow up with the family to know them, that’s why he has different personalities than what my granny wanted him to. Something that we should do is have a vacation together as a family more often to form our relationship

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