Essay about My Reflection On My Experience

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If the retreat shown me that it is valuable to set apart and wait for God in silence and solitude, my six sessions of seeing a spiritual director taught me to be more purposeful about my spiritual life.
The aid of this paper is to present the most significant insights of this biweekly experience. Specifically, I will explain the purpose of our interaction, the meaning of praying and reading scripture in session, and what I have been able to integrate in my daily spiritual practices.
As a counselling student, I was curious to understand how spiritual direction is far from counselling. Since the first session, I have felt that the real subject of our interaction was not me with my issues or struggles, but rather God as the author of my existence. The constant emphasise of my spiritual director was on the Spirit and what He was trying to communicate through my circumstances, current feelings, and thoughts.
My director created a comfortable place where I have found a sense of belonging and peace. I remember a cup of tea on the table after a raining day, a nice meditative picture with a biblical quote, or a burning candle close to us. Soon my spiritual director’s office became a little sanctuary, a holy place where God chose to reveal Him presence among us. Although I have crossed several moments of distress last semester, I was confident that entering her office meant to leave behind the busyness and chaos of my daily life, and encounter God into a sacred time.
Above all,…

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