Classroom Management And Philosophy Statement: We Make Happy Choices

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As I have come to learn more about classroom management, learning styles, and the importance of treating students as individuals, I want to incorporate these principles in my future classroom. Because I feel that each child is a thinking person, I want to help them to think through their actions before actually acting. In order to do this, I will address actions in terms of happy or sad choices. Our class motto will be, "We make happy choices." This notion of placing the students ' feelings in the forefront of classroom management hearkens to principles of constructivism introduced by Vygotsky. I would like my classroom rules and consequences to be chosen by the students, with our motto in the forefront of their minds. I want my students to understand that consequences can be good, as well as bad. This teaching happens as they question their motives and how they will feel after making a choice. The question I will have them ask themselves before acting is, "Will this make me happy or sad?" I also want my classroom to be a place where learning is child centered and social. In order to do so, I want to utilize as many authentic assessments as possible, because I feel that this will help my students retain the information they learn. I would like to play more of a facilitator role and discussion …show more content…
I believe that students need more instruction about people, how they interact, and what we can learn from the past in order for them to become functioning members of society. Because social studies principles are so integral in our everyday lives, I believe it can be integrated seamlessly with math, science, and reading throughout the school day. Economics can be taught as students learn about money values in math. Civics can be introduced during special days, such as Arbor and Earth Days, and relate to science and be explained through reading and writing

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