My Political Views On The Economy Essay

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My Political Views
I consider myself a conservative. The government should have a small role in regulating the economy. If the government gets too involved in the economy,it will collapse eventually. Most people in the government are financially sound people and some of the things they want for the government, while it may look good on paper, it is not good for the economy in real life. For example taxing people who are above a financial standpoint to pay for what the people with less don’t have. While it sounds good on paper, it’s hurts the economy. A lot of barely middle class families have to pay more taxes, and this causes them to need food stamps and help from the government. So the taxes rise to help the new people added and then slowly more people can’t afford to pay the new taxes and they now need financial help and slowly we will not have enough people to pay for the others. If we let the people decide how much things cost we will get a better economic set up because they know how much money they have and how much the people around them have so they can set realistic prices and set wages to help people pay. Also if the people are setting everything ,it will be less corrupt. People wouldn’t be able to set higher prices because other individuals will come in behind them and sell it for cheaper to make more money overall. Also we can get rid of some of the corruption that is in some of these corporations the government has set up to help us pay for stuff. For example,…

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