My Philosophy Of Education As A Future Teacher

I believe that as a future teacher, I shouldn’t seek to discipline my students. I should seek to manage my students. Therefore, students shouldn’t be controlled or bossed around but they can be taught discipline. It is my job to manage their behavior. It is my responsibility to help them to be successful in the classroom. Students are naturally disruptive and therefore need to be molded and conditioned to behave appropriately. However, this responsibility belongs to parents. They are the ones to discipline the student and to make sure they are following the schools rules and regulations; along with the teacher. Now, just because the teacher doesn’t tell the student what to do, in regards to discipline, does not mean that the teacher is the …show more content…
My cooperative teacher (CT) always gives the students rewards if they finish their work. She may give them some free time to talk to one another. She’ll tell them “Take 1 minute to talk”. Then all of the students, out of happiness and relief, would get up and the girls gather to one side of the classroom while the boys would gather on the other side of the classroom. As a future teacher, I do not believe that you need to use these things every day because you want to create an environment of learning and peace, not a playful or vain environment. However, every once in a while, I would use this to keep my students interested and to get them involved the lesson for that day. My classroom management plan goal is to teach students self-discipline so they will discipline themselves. I believe that if students have a strong teacher with a strong classroom management plan, then those students will have everything thing they need to be successful academically and behaviorally. As a future teacher, I believe that I should have more freedom to choose my own classroom management practices with the school-adopted tenets being a guided. (Manning & Bucher, 2013) You can never go over the school policies. However, you can create rules within

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