Social Factors And Agents Of Socialization

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Who are you? What makes you unique from others? Have you ever wondered what aspects influenced you to become the person you are in the context of our society today? Social factors and agents of socialization can play an important role in shaping who you are. As a matter of fact, they help with the shaping of values, attitudes, opportunities and other components making me a part of society today. Henceforth, the following describes the process of my socialization, which includes social class, gender, family and religion.
Social class is one of the social factors which has helped structure my socialization. In fact, because of this, I am aware of my place in society. To clarify, according to society, I am part of the working class or proletariat
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In fact, as I grew older, it became clear that boys and girls interact differently due to gender socialization. This process shows that society has specific expectations for both males and females know as gender roles. For example, being a female, I am expected to be submissive and afraid of taking risk. So therefore, my socialization process involves gender inequality, since I grew up in a society that benefits men whether it may be politically or economically. This is referred to as patriarchy. In other words, not only did my social status influence my position in society, but also gender. Furthermore, because of this, my potential is normally underestimated due the preexisting prejudice about women. As a result, sexism is also generated, unfortunately it cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, this encourages me to go against traditional norms such as gender roles, so that I can make a difference in …show more content…
My findings clarified that social factors and agents of socialization have deeply influenced my personality, character and values. Being a part of the working social class, I have learned that nothing comes easy and that there are obstacles along the way even gender, which would prohibit me from achieving social mobility. At the same time, family is my motivation and has bestowed upon a support system, if I am unable to achieve these goals. This together with religion have set the foundation for my socialization. More importantly, as child, this process by which norms, values, and other aspects of the social environment was taught to me, so that when I grew older I would possess the necessary skills to function in the context of society. To conclude, there are many factors that can influence our socialization, shape our values, attitudes and other opportunities. All in all, I know who I am, so who are

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