Essay On Structural Mobility In America

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When we are brought into the world not knowing the people who will be raising us for the rest of our life, our ethnicity, or social class, as well as other things that will make us a induvial in society. Many people from different places of the world as well as ethnicities are born into a specific social classes based on the family that the person is born into. Many people who are usually born into a specific social class experience structural mobility which helps them move and change in social status (237). Many individuals who continue in higher education are most likely to experience this change or even people who are born into wealth and decide to expand or develop something with the money.
Many Americans follow and believe in something called the “American dream”. Many American born people are born into several social classes from lower class, middle class, and also high class. Working hard and being determined to move classes is something all Americans portray as the American dream. The American dream also portrays a good college education, a good job, a stable house, as well as a moving up social class (338). Many American face many challenges that prevent them from moving in the social class due to job
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My aunts as well as father were helping each other in improving their structural mobility until they were all able to fully move from the class they were all living in. Living in one house hold as sibling they all contributed and played a important role to help each other from moving into a stable house of their own as well as getting a job. As of now majority of them are considered middle class and all have stable households as well as a good paying job. In this case as well as others people can reach some what the American dream but not to the full

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