Essay On Economic Class And Social Media

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Economic Class and Social Media Paper:
Analyzing Facebooks
In the twenty-first century, social media has become a very large part of society. People use social media to express their desires, styles, and things they do or like to do. Some people utilize their social media to catch up on current events and such. The way society uses their social media accounts reveal their social and economic class without realizing it. How is it possible that a person can reveal their standpoint in society just by posting photos, statuses, and likes? Contributing factors like race and gender can also aid in determining one’s social and economic class. Looking at all these aspects, it can reveal a sense of inequality amongst people living in the United States. By analyzing three facebook accounts, comparing them, and applying sociological paradigms, one can view how social and economic class can be seen through their activity on social media.
In Barbara’s facebook profile, finding her social and economic class is very easy. Social class is
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Gender could alter economic class slightly in Martin’s case, because, women like Barbara, are generally more socially involved. Martin had time to work and increase financial stability because of the lack of social interaction. Race only seemed to change economic class in Joe’s case, because of different college scholarship benefits for minorities. Analyzing all three facebook profiles, it was evident that through their statuses, photos, and likes, economic and social class were identified. Social class was discovered through expressed dialogues and activities that are with other social media users. Economic class was identified by desires, styles, and activities the individuals pursued. Taking all the information into consideration, it was sought that social media profiles can in fact reveal one’s social and economic

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