My Personality View On Our Destiny Essay

1469 Words Dec 11th, 2014 6 Pages
Everyone was born into this world to be something special. We all have different abilities and vulnerabilities and that’s what makes us unique and special. The innate abilities that we were all born with is based on our destiny. Our destiny is the predetermined things in life that is beyond human control. My personality view is that we as humans are predetermined to be who we are. Our personality, our careers and our view of life is based on our destiny, I call this Life Theorem. Freud and Erickson are two great psychologists who also had a view on destiny. Freud believed that our destiny is saved by the superego to be fulfilled later in life, while Erickson believes that our destiny is linked with our identity (Hughes, 2001). Because everyone does not believe in destiny, I would use the Co-existential approach to threat my clients. With this I would use techniques such as free association and personality tests to help my clients. Client- confidentiality is very important to me, but if an issue arise that can cause treat to others, I would definitely inform the authorities because it is the right thing to do.

Each person is born with certain traits and qualities that have been passed down from generations, which makes them who they are. We were predestined to be of a specific gender, to be born into a certain family, at a predetermined time with our own innate abilities, limitations, strength and vulnerabilities. All of these…

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