Themes Of The Other Wes Moore

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“The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates”, is a memoir by Wes Moore, the fate of two men with the same name. “The Other Wes Moore” is about two men with the same name, who grew up in two different lifestyles. Wes Moore, the author, grew up in the Bronx, while the other Wes Moore, grew up in Baltimore. Wes Moore had difficulties handling his anger issues, therefore his mother sent him to military camp. On the other hand, the other Wes Moore fell under the influence of selling drugs and thieving, his consequence was jail time. The purpose of this memoir is to convey the difference life makes based on expectations and environment, and whether life is determined by fate or the choices that one makes. To answer Wes Moore’s questioned theme, …show more content…
As his mother began to notice the trends, she decided to send him to military school. Military school put Moore in his place. As he returned home, his grades improved and so did his behavior. On the other hand, the other Wes
Moore began to deal drugs, and dig himself a bigger hole than before. “The tall kid looked him over carefully before he responded. “You want one of these, it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is wear one, and every time you see jakes roll by, you just push this button and say something.
When your shift is over, you come by, and I’ll give you your money,” he said. Money? Wes just wanted to get his hands on one of the headsets. There was money involved too?” (Moore 58).
Because the other Wes has not into school and education, he wanted fast money. When he was introduced to selling drugs, he thought it was the best way to get quick change. Little did the other Wes know, him following in his older brothers footsteps would not lead him to the best future. Although both of the Moore’s turned away from school, Moore realized that education and discipline is one of the keys to success, while the other focused on dirty money, believing that he was on the fast track to
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“If you won’t listen that’s on you. You have the potential to do so much more, go so much further. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, right?”(Moore, 72). Tony saw the potential in Wes, and he knew that his little brother could be better than him. Even though he tried to lead Wes down a good road in the beginning, he eventually gave up and recruited Wes to join in the jewelry store robbery. At a younger age,

Moore and his family visited Africa, his mother’s birthplace. While there, there were many people who influenced Moore for the better. “On our third cup of tea, Mama began to tell me about her husband and his role as a freedom fighter during apartheid. She told me about how he and his fellow soldiers were intimidated, arrested, and beaten for failing to comply with government rules about carrying personal identification cards. I listened in amazement and horror …” (Moore 167). The visit and the stories told to Moore at such a young age gave him more of an opportunity knowing that there is more world out there than what he was ever imagined. People such as Mama, Zinzi, and Viwe embedded powerful into his being. On the other hand, Wes’ surroundings were drastically different from Moore’s. “She’d agreed and

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