Essay on My Personality Is Not A Bad Thing At All

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The word happy, to me, means someone that is always in an enlightening mood and has a contagious smile. When I meet someone new, usually they will tell me that my personality stands out most! My personality defines me, and everyone always seems to look at me as an individual with cheerful characteristics. People see me as having a “good vibe.” By “good vibe,” I mean that feeling someone gives you filled with happiness and positivity. I believe that the people that describe me as a happy person do not see the reason on why I am this way. Being happy is not a bad thing at all. However, the word itself is misled. Rather than just labeling me as “happy,” I would prefer for people to understand my personality. I am a happy person because I am blessed.
Believe it or not, being happy can bring many consequences. There are many expectations that people anticipate for me to meet because of my personality. For example, when I am upset about a situation or I am simply just not having a good day, I cannot disappoint myself. Happiness is not convenient in every situation. If I am ever unhappy my friends will say things like, “You cannot act like this. If you are upset then so are we. You are not allowed to be upset; it rubs off on us.” These types of words can truly irritate me. To hear that I may be the reason on why the mood is so gloomy, puts so much pressure on me. I am human as well, and I have different emotions. I do not understand why I am not allowed to be anything other than…

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