Essay about My Personal Workout Based Project

1136 Words Aug 23rd, 2015 null Page
This year, I decided to take Virtual P.E. instead of the traditional course in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with my full array of classes in the upcoming school year. My fitness-based project gave me opportunity both to stay fit and, as suggested by Adams, to improve the quality of my summer. In order to make the most of my experience, I looked for activities that I enjoy and that would help me to achieve my goals. The set of cardiovascular activities I selected targeted my first goal, improving my running 5k time. My regimen included weekly 5k trials to measure my progress, hill workouts to improve my hill stamina, and long runs to improve my endurance. Later in the summer, I expanded my aerobic workouts to include bike rides for cross training. My second goal was strength related: to improve my maximum number of pushups. To achieve this goal, I did a gym workout three times a week, with pushups, situps, bicep curls, and tricep extensions. I was generally happy with the choices I made planning my summer. I especially enjoyed running and biking outside, since it allowed me to be out in the sun. I often ran in the morning, while the sun was up but it was not yet too hot. I am also happy with my gym workouts, although I found them to be much more tedious and repetitive. The biggest benefits of the gym workouts for me were the simplicity and regularity. Looking back, I would look for better ways to add variety to my gym workouts to avoid a lack of motivation from…

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