My Personal Statement On Stress Essay

1326 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction When I think about my personal wellness, I think it ebbs and flows. Right now when I feel very happy and stable, I feel as if most of the areas are functioning very well. There are times, though, when I get really stressed out and anxious. In those times, my anxiety makes me think these areas are lacking substantially. The area that needs the most personal bettering is the emotional piece, because that is where my response to stress is as well as my anxiety. My response to stress is not always the greatest, and my anxiety makes me believe the other areas are failing.
Response to Stress I have come a long way with how I respond to stressful situations. In high school (specifically my junior and senior year), I put a lot of pressure on myself at that time in all areas of my life, including school, sports, and feeling accepted by others. When I thought I was not doing well, I would get extremely stressed and mask that to others and isolate myself. Only a few people in my life know this (my best friend and boyfriend), but I began to use alcohol (in social situations) and prescription pills (alone or during school) to deal with my anxiety such as codeine and Vicodin. Thinking back to that, it is devastating to me that I was in such a bad place with my self-care that I did not know the appropriate way to respond to stress. Thankfully, I pulled myself out of that cycle and I haven’t misused prescription pills since high school. When I get upset with myself about my…

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