My Personal Statement On My Life Essay

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Once upon a time, he was an unknown person for me, saw him standing next to a wall, he was wearing glasses and his favorite cap. It was August, 2014, our first day of EngWr, professor Ahearn. Day one, i saw him and that 's it, day 2 i saw him and that 's it, day three same thing again, day 4,5 and so on. Then the day came when professor asked me make groups, and we asked his group to be a group with us. That was the day we talked the first. We were a group and got together to practice our speech. He got my email and then phone number. She said,"he looks at you a lot and smiles", I said, "he is crazy, it 's ok, let him do what he feels like". I didn 't notice that he and me were becoming friends, I didn 't notice that I started sharing my thoughts with him, I didn 't notice when i started telling him my stories, I didn 't notice when he fell in love with me. Then one day felt something is wrong, told him clearly not to fall in love with me, he said, "i have no intentions to do that, being your friend is all i want". I thought he won 't fall for me when he said that, but I didn 't realize the reason behind it was someone else whom i liked. It broke his heart, bt still he wished me all the good luck.
Time passed and semester too, we decided to take next class with same professor too. We were friends, good friends. We studied again, groups again, presentations again, exams again, and semester ended again. Someone broke my heart and it was in pain, and I didn 't even realize that…

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