My Personal Statement For Student And Human Being I Have Become

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Intellectual Autobiography Plenty of factors have contributed to the type of student and human being I have become. The people I have interacted with have had an enormous influence over the decisions I have made. Supportive people in my life have led me and supported me on the paths I have taken. The situations I have gone through, positive and negative, taught me invaluable lessons. Through the course of my life, many influences, risks, and experiences have molded me into the student I am today.
My parents have always been an exceptionally positive, encouraging force in my life. They support my academic successes and advise me through my struggles. Both my mother and my father work in the education system, so they have always pushed me to succeed and achieve more than what is expected of me academically. I remember one night in grade school, I came home distraught because I had received my first B on an English test. I was so worried my parents would be angry and I would wind up grounded; however, I experienced quite the opposite. My mom and dad sat down with me and we went through each question on my test that I answered incorrectly and talked about ways I could fix it and improve next time. They reminded me that this wouldn’t be the last test in the class, and if I worked diligently, I could improve my score for the next test. I felt extremely relieved and thankful to have the parents that I do.
My teachers have also had an immensely large impact on me. I was blessed…

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