Essay about My Personal Responsibility Of My Fellow Citizens

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In the world today, 830 million human beings are undernourished; 1,100 million lack access to safe water; 2,600 million lack access to basic sanitation; 1,000 million lack adequate shelter; about 2,000 million lack access to essential drugs; some 774 million adults are illiterate; and there are 218 million child laborers. (Freeman) Poverty throughout history has always been a problem in our world. Poverty by definition is the condition where people 's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met. There’s a lot of people today that live in poverty than ever before sometimes there’s rarely a day that when I am driving that I don’t see someone begging on the street or a homeless person sleeping in a random location. Poverty is a big problem in society that needs to be dealt with, the world has the wealth and means to end poverty. My personal responsibility to my fellow citizens is to be more aware myself and make other people aware by identify the causes of poverty and making it known to them that this is a real problem in society that we need to do something about.
My first source goes into detail on how big corporations and rich individuals cause poverty by abusing tax loopholes and not paying their taxes. Individuals and corporations both have to pay their taxes, but through the use of money and expensive lawyers they avoid taxes. By not paying their taxes are hurting society by not putting anything back into it despite taking so much from it. Companies do…

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