My Personal Philosophy Of Philosophy Essay

1128 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
At the beginning of this journey of exploring political and philosophical ideas I had a strong sense of my personal beliefs. What I lacked was a personal opinion about these ideas in relation to education. Through out this course I have come to realize that some of my strongest personal beliefs did not align with my personal philosophy of education. I came into this course as a purist, but I am leaving with a different sense of self. Through careful consideration of many different convictions through out this course I have come to realize although my beliefs all root from the same idea, idealism, the truths of these beliefs lie in different aspects of political philosophy. At this point I feel that I am still discovering my feelings about my convictions and I do not feel comfortable committing to one, two or even three of these ideas. With this I would most comfortably define myself as a continuously discovering eclectic thinker. I most strongly relate to idealism but will also be reflecting on my relationship to liberalism and my personal political commitment to a sort of socialist society. I will begin by explaining my personal conviction to idealism. This conviction is the strongest bond I hold towards a philosophical idea. I truly believe that the best way to live ones life is to have a strong personal ideal, in which one strives to become. Often times these ideals are disguised as visions in todays society, and I truly believe that it would be naïve to argue that…

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