My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

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In the 35 years since I was graduated from college with my degree in education, I have undergone a meaningful transformation in my philosophy of education, through both my experiences in the classroom, as well as my coursework at Marymount. I have always believed that a Catholic school principal should be dedicated to "the faith formation of all students, guiding them to a genuine practice of their faith, authentic involvement in their communities, and selfless service to others" (582 final). Where my personal philosophy has undergone the most growth is in relation to contemplative practice, and developing a principalship that reflects the union of the spiritual mission, and the academic mission, of Catholic education.
In her book, Character and the Contemplative Principal, Schuttloffel (2003) lists "four assumptions providing the substantive foundation of Catholic educational leadership practice" (p.56), that unifies the spiritual and academic mission of Catholic education. Each of these assumptions describes a principal who acts reflecting the mission of the school, and a commitment to Gospel values. Understanding each of these assumptions contributes to the growth in my philosophy of education.
The first of Schuttloffel 's assumptions, included in my philosophy of education, is a commitment to my role as a "minister for the church" (p.56). By accepting this responsibility, I am committed to the faith formation and spiritual development not only of students, but of…

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