My Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

855 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
My personal philosophy of education as an educator is to create a classroom that makes students feel wanted. All children need someone in their lives that they can count on. They need that person that they know will be there for them and someone they can look up to. I believe I can be that person. My classroom will encourage happiness, friendship, growth, and safety.
Happiness will encourage students to come to class excited to learn with me and alongside their peers. Friendships will be the base of a community in the classroom. Growth as a student, individual, and a member of society. I think it will create a sense of responsibility and reliability between all. The idea that everyone is a teacher and how we are all constantly learning from one another is powerful. I believe having my future classes be a part of deciding our classroom rules to create ownership. Allowing the students to feel like they all have an individual voice is something I would like. I want it to feel like our class room is a safe environment with open communication. This allows each voice to be heard and the ability to express oneself in a variety of ways without the fear of being judged or hurt.
I believe that ever child deserves to have an education of quality where they are able to learn and prosper to their highest ability through encouragement and motivation. Their education should not be dependent on their race, gender, ethnicity, or capabilities. The education each child will receive will be…

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