Essay My Personal Note On My Extra Credit Assignment

734 Words May 16th, 2016 3 Pages
For my extra credit assignment, I chose to interview my good friend named Chandler. From this interview, I obtained a lot of information that I never knew about him. For example, I learned about Chandler’s passion for language and culture. He is someone who wants to learn and understand about the cultures around the world. He wants to do this because he feels that it will make him a more rounded person and that it will allow him to better relate to others. His love for language and culture is so great that after he gets his master’s degree in accounting, he one day wants to return to school and study linguistics and European culture. Additionally, my interview with Chandler allowed me to learn about his childhood. He was born and raised in Shanghai, China. He is an only child and his parents from an early age ingrained in him the significance of education. In fact, Chandler said that education is something that is heavily stressed throughout all of China. He said that the pressure to succeed academically was so great that he did not enjoy going to school. Thus, after graduating with a linguistics degree in China, he came to America to study accounting because he thought the academic environment would be more favorable to his personality. Chandler said he choose to attend Cal State Fullerton because of the great business program and because of the sunny California weather. When I asked him what was the greatest moment of his life, he said it was when he got accepted into Cal…

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