Narrative Essay About Benji

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For the purpose of confidentiality, the informant of following narrative will be referred to as Benji. All other people mentioned will also be given aliases to protect their identities. Probability dictates that as an individual goes through life, they are bound to face rough patches which make that person change for the better or for the worse. I began to understand this idea during my interview with Benji.
I asked Benji to come to my room so I could ask him some questions about his life, and he accepted my request without hesitation. The interview started with some questions I had come up with surrounding his Indian culture, but after discussing his trips to India and his recollection of Indian weddings, I realized there were no specific
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Benji went from a local elementary school, where he was top in his class, to a magnet middle school where everyone was the top of their class. I went through the same transition the year before Benji and I can agree that it is not an easy transition. I was so used to getting A’s in all my classes, but right when I moved to Masterman, my grades plummeted hard. Something happened to Benji, however, that I did not experience, which has given Benji such a poor outlook on Masterman …show more content…
He told me that once he got to high school he vowed to never let another person dictate how he works and how he learns. His favorite math teacher even sat him down and told him that he should be the best he can be and not let other people change his life. Talking to Benji about that day showed me how traumatic it truly was for him. As Benji told me about the event, his eyes began to get a bit red and tear up. I was unsure of what was happening. I have never known Benji as an emotional person, but when he spoke about this time of his life, my whole perception of Benji changed. I only ever thought of Benji as a person I could joke around with, but now I see him as a guy I can go to to and have a deep conversation with. It takes tremendous strength to show emotion in front of friends, but now I got to see a whole new side of Benji and for this interview I am

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