My Personal Life Altering Events Essay

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From Childhood To Adulthood Moral theory is set in place to help us distinguish between the good and bad of our actions. As a child there were many actions I chose to partake in that were not acceptable by my parents but were strongly enforced by my peers. As an adult, we are expected to only partake in actions that are acceptable by society. As children we become fascinated by actions that bring us into the center of attention, making us a popular amongst our peers, as well as increasing our self-esteem in areas that lack in confidence. Within in this paper, one will discuss my own personal life altering events and the obstacles faced during the transitioning of an adolescent to early adulthood. Levels of Morals
As a child I lived a life of isolation within the home and walked the road of confusion outside the home. Morally, deep within I always knew the right thing to do, and for the most part my friends walk the path of the same morals. Thus, there was still something missing in my life that caused me to seem lonely, unhappy or should I say lost in translation. As a child, I remember being confused about the role as a mother, and the true meaning of the word love. In addition to, I also became angry when I could not connect the love and mother chain link, even though I would see my friends mothers interact with them in ways that were absent in my household. My mother and I lived in the same home but on two different…

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