My Personal Inventory Assessments That Range From Personality, Teamwork, And Organizational Insights

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MyManagement Lab offers twenty personal inventory assessments that range from personality, teamwork, and organizational insights. The assessments considered my individual responses in relation to classmates and global responses, this analysis helps further my understanding in relation to interpersonal development. While the revelations are useful to determine interpersonal liabilities and assets, they are fluid and interdependent. The purpose of this analysis is to advance assets and cultivate liabilities into assets. The idea is that all people have room for improvement and can create a targeted plan of action based on the inventory results. The lessons specifically ascertained are work related and are connected to the concept of working with others as a co-worker, employee, and manager. As a Christian, the process of developing as an individual is not without failure but is extremely rewarding. The personal reward is a result of better communication, leadership, and decision-making. Furthermore, developing these skill-sets aids in fostering virtues which can help advance my career path.

Project 2: PIA
Step 1
Part I: What About Me?
What makes me a unique individual? There are so many ways to answer this questions but in relation to this assignment, the best answer is my personality. I would self-identify as a Type-A personality at times. As a Type a Personality, the PIA indicates that I show a “healthy balance of speed/impatience, job involvement, and competitive…

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