My Personal Identity : I Am A Friend, Student, American, And A Cna

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Everyone has their own personal identities some may be private and others are made public. People can share the same personal identity but have it be different since it is their own, such as two friends are each considered daughters but they are not the same daughter. Everyone has many different factors that make up their identity some of my public identity traits are female, daughter, friend, student, American, and a CNA. Many different traits make up who I am today that is why they are important. Each different trait has a different meaning on my life and I would not be who I am without each of them. Each different trait means something else to me. Being a daughter is important because I try to make my parents proud of what I do. Being a friend is important because it is important to have other people in my life that I know I can trust and count on and that only happens if I am a friend to them back. Being American is important to me because it is the only thing that I have ever known. Also when traveling to other countries such as Nicaragua the way they made me feel because I was American made me feel actually important and someone that the little kids could look up to while being there. Probably one of the more important ones to me would be being a CNA because I am able to care for my residents and provide them comfort and care when they need it
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