My Personal Experience At The United States Army Essay

1832 Words Sep 3rd, 2015 null Page
My personal experience in the United States Army is a unique one because when I was seventeen, I was already marching and learning the Mexican Army. Which it was a very exceptional time that I will never forget even though it was a short tour of about six months. Then my parents decided move to the United States where I was introduced to the eight grade because my English was not proficient enough to go into high school, five years later, I decided to join the United States Army in which I was twenty-two at that time. My experience in the United States Army has been phenomenal that would not trade it for nothing in the world to have stayed in the Mexican Army. First, I would like to give some examples of how the Mexican Army was introduced to me and what their mission is all about. The Mexican Army has of course, a direct line to the Mexican president even though their main mission is war against narcotics. Meanwhile, they try to drill on your head drill and ceremonies and long-range rifle, which everyone needs to be proficient with, because everyone needs to be trained ASAP. So when I put it in perspective with Basic training and advanced individual training in the United States obviously does not have anything in common, the Mexican Army does not care to teach how to do a job, they only want you to be an expert rifleman right away. The United Sates Army was definitely a wiser choice for my career and life in the military. Another experience for me was the first…

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