Essay about My Personal Code Of Ethics

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Annie a 27 year old woman with a family had surgery and they found cancer. Her husband decided not to tell her and her doctor went along with that decision. She died a few months later not knowing she had cancer. My personal code of ethics would not allow this doctor to go along with the husband’s decision to not tell his wife the truth.
The reason behind my thoughts on needing to tell the mother of two children is she could try surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy any medical treatments to extend her life to spend time with her children before she passes away. She also needs to get her life in order such as a will and making sure everything is taken care and writing letters to her two young children, so on important moments in their lives they can remember their young mother and smile thinking back on their memories. Getting her affairs in order even though she has a husband to take care of the children is still a major undertaking and she should be given the option to know the truth. These are personal thoughts on my part but now I get to the part that affects my personal code of ethics.
As my personal code of ethics I feel honesty in situations like this is best for all parties involved. As a woman I wouldn’t a appreciate a husband who couldn’t be honest with his wife or have the strength of character to deal with the backlash of grieving and crying that would happen when this mother realizes the implications of cancer at such a young age. Another aspect…

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