Essay My Personal Brand Will Dictate Your Professional Life

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Your personal brand will dictate your professional life. A brand is a “trust mark” that allows people to tap into emotions that drive decisions. A personal brand will depict someone’s personal beliefs, values, knowledge, or passions. Your brand will sometimes be the determining factor when assessing your value to an organization. A stronger and more positive personal brand will often times coincide with a greater sense of employment security. Personal brands could be described as how others see you. Your brand in most cases affects your future success. It is the cumulative perceptions others have of someone’s traits, behaviors, and actions. Your brand is also based on your skills, experience, communication style, clothes, car, and personal friends. Your brand could also be internal as it describes yourself. The best way to gain clarity about your brand is to have yourself and a colleague write five words that describe you and compare the list. However your brand is perceived, it determines an individuals influencing power. Influence is determined by ones ability to affect the beliefs of others, which is the root for advocating for good ideas. It is the capacity to shift other peoples thinking by means of discussion or example. A good pharmacist must be able to influence others daily as they are advocating for patients, creating effective policy, and exercising stewardship of limited resources. Influence is the power to effect change. Influence involves four elements.…

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