My Perception Of My Family

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My perception change in 2007 I believe it was the day my dad became disabled due to exposure to the weather. That night he was drunk. He usually got drunk but he can get home. That night he was came really late and he got injured he lay down on the big rock that behind his friend house. Somehow his friend son saw him lying down on the cold big rock.
He ran from his house to my house without taking a break. The time he gets to my house he almost get out of breath. He called my brother name with shaking voice saying that your dad is really drunk and can’t moved at all. My mom came out running and she was shocked when the guy told my mom about my dad.
When my mom need my brothers they are near nowhere. My mom shout out loud calling my sisters instead. I was sleeping already they were being loud, I didn’t even know what is going on. But I didn’t wake up from sleeping. I don’t know how my brothers found out about my dad but they carried dad home. I woke up from my sleep and looked around. I saw my dad laying down and crying.
His body was frozen up. He couldn’t moved at all. My one sister was crying because she was old enough to know about what is going on and being sad for the family. At that moment I didn’t even know. How I felt about how dad. Everything happens in short time. When I looked around I saw my uncles and my brothers around my dad. My mom brought hot water and took my dad. She warmed up my dad hands and his fingers it was sticking together it felt like it was glue

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