My Parents Were The Worst Influence Essay

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Remember when you were a little kid and how terrifying a thunderstorm was. The vivid lighting and the earsplitting thunder making you want to hide under the blankets or run to your parents. Well, there was a time in life, where everything seemed gloomy and dark, just like the storm. There was sadness all around. There were moments that I could see the sun and hear the laughter, but it never lasted long enough for me to remember.
It was the year of 2011, the darkest time of my life. The storm that was going to change my life. My parents were the worst influence. It was the middle of the school week, there was lots of homework for science class. It was passed bedtime for the 7th grader, but this homework was a big part of my grade. There was a crazy man in the house. A short, Mexican man with brown hair and eyes that was screaming on top of his lungs. Howling in Spanish like the thunder. He didn’t understand that this homework was a big deal for me. He went to the basement and started throwing bags up. He packed everything of his. And that’s when he turned to the back door and left for good this time. The pain and hurt, I had when he left. I really thought it was my fault. I was never close to this man and didn’t much care that he left. He was never in my life long enough for me to think of him as a father. This moment of time was the hardest for me. I assumed that I was the one to ruin my sisters’ life.
The next huge rumble that came after was just as hard. These time it…

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