My Parents, My Brother And I Came From Guatemala Essay

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My parents, my brother and I came from Guatemala in the year 2000. Fleeing violence and insecurity that live there. We suffered the kidnapping and murder of my nephew despite having paid their ransom. We had to leave our lives, our property, and I left my profession; because I had the opportunity to graduate from the University with a bachelor 's degree in psychology. When we come my English was very basic because it was only the requisite at the University; my advantage was that as I like to read I was self-taught in English, I read with a dictionary to translate what I did not understand; for this reason, my English is very bad pronunciation, and I 've learned by reading, not listening to it.
When I came to this country, I got married and started a family, but to my bad luck when I was 3 months pregnant my husband fell prisoner and he was in jail for 16 months. For this reason, I had to find work to get ahead. During all my pregnancy I had two full-time jobs. All this time was very hard for me; however, I always had the blessing of having the support of my mom and my brother.
After my husband was released from prison my marriage suffered many changes and I started to suffer domestic violence; all the same, one day I react and told it’s enough so far. I want a better life for me and especially for my daughter. Thank God as always I had the help of my mom and my brother.
When I thought everything was going well, I had a good job, good benefits, and enough time to dedicate to…

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