My Own Personal Experience With Social Media Essay example

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The modern society is full of multimedia stimuli with social media being an integral part of individual 's day-to-day life. With the increase of popularity with social media, the public have more access and exposure to health information. Oral health professionals (OHP) have a major role in provision of oral health education (Dental Council, 2014). OHP has the responsibility to prevent disease and promote good oral health knowledge and behaviours. Online media, such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blog can either enhance or hinder effective health promotion. The boundaries between personal and professional can be blurred. As a result, various ethical and social issues have been raised with regards to confidentiality, privacy and trust. Understanding the nature of each specific form of social media can assist professionals in approaching different users. My own personal experience with the blog allows me to have insight of using online media as primary source of health promotion.

With the rapid development of technology, the form of communication has evolved drastically and continues to expand worldwide (McKee, 2013). Online media provides a network where information can spread quickly and becomes a more favourable option of utilising health service. The disseminate of important health messages to the public audience transforms over the years. Individual are able explore hot topics online; share and exchange information and experiences without having direct…

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