My Opinionated Article By Karen Li On How Physical And Mental Exercise

757 Words Oct 26th, 2015 4 Pages
In my opinionated article written by Karen Li on how “physical and mental exercise contribute to a happy and healthy old age” is that the general idea of keeping active will led to a better and healthier life, reducing the risks of deceases like dementia and other illnesses related to old age. Keeping old folks active will also help the economy by saving around 100$ billion in our health system by reducing the treatments and medicine prescribed. Another benefit of staying active is staying around longer to help around for the next generation which programs like, Experience Corps, who encourage seniors to act as tutors and mentor in elementary schools. As we grow older our muscle mass decreases at a high percentage of 3-5% per decade and after the age of 50 we can add an extra 3% to the original percentage. Our muscles play an important part for the body since it keeps us strong, burns calories, helps us maintain our weight and keeps us balanced. But it is never too late to rebuild your muscle mass, as long as you exercise your muscle mass will increase. In our class textbook “psychology, A Journey, 4th Edition” we go through a couple of subject regarding the importance of exercising and how it helps with addiction, obesity and stress but none that connect to the specifics of my article. Although we do know that “there are no medication that can prevent dementia or mobility dysfunction, doctors should prescribe exercise” Article pg.3. Although, we do know that dementia is…

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