My Observation Of Support Groups Essay

843 Words Oct 17th, 2016 4 Pages
In attempt to develop range in my observation of support groups, I once again found myself returning to an old stomping ground. Throughout my years in high school, I dedicated several hours a week to my local church in a growth group for high school girls. Although I currently experience mixed emotions with religion, I recalled how influential it was during my teenaged years to have such support, convincing me to return to observe a group to identify ways in why it was so helpful for me during difficult moments in my life. Luckily, my previous growth group leader was still leading groups and graciously accepted my request to be a guest that following week. Meeting once a week, the purpose of these groups was to discuss the Bible and life issues, but based on personal experience, these groups offered much more than a few life lectures. The group I observed was comprised of girls from several different high schools, with different interests, and even varied in beliefs, but they did have one thing in common – they were all freshmen in high school trying to navigate life. This characteristic brought to the surface one of the central therapeutic factors of universality. Regardless that these girls had cliques outside of group, they presented a unique closeness and nonjudgmental attitude towards each other within group. Specifically, a girl shared how her parents put an overwhelming amount of pressure on her to receive high marks in school. All group members engaged through…

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