My Observation At Omni Middle School Essay

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Observation Paper EDF2005
I completed my observation hours at Omni Middle School in a seventh-grade special need language arts class. The name of the professor is Mr. Dicken. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor in English Education. Mr. Dicken maintains a good relationship with his students, for he is easy to talk and always willing to help students if need. Mr. Dicken implements effective discipline techniques that allow him to complete his lesson plans successfully without any major disruption. Changing his lesson plan based on students’ need, Mr. Dicken maintain the educational philosophy of progressivism because he follows a student-centered teaching.
After observing Mr. Dicken’s class for more than two weeks, I noticed that he is a very easy going teacher; however, he is very strict when it comes to discipline and classwork during his class, which creates a peaceful atmosphere because students show respect towards Mr. Dicken seeing him as the “cool” teacher they can talk to. He always stands outside the classroom to welcome students with a high five or a simple smile, which makes the students feel welcome. Mr. Dicken is always willing to help students after class with any question or concern, which the students take full advantage of it. Mr. Dicken traits as a teacher allow him to have a well maintained a good relationship with students, for his passion and charisma always make students feel welcome. Mr. Dicken has the positive traits of…

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